Silver and Gold…

So I had two wedding rings no longer needed (ah, well) and turned them into this…

Then I cast it into a strip, no pictures I’m afraid, and ran it through the rolling mill a few times. I didn’t worry too much about softening the metal between rolls, I hoped it would result in a raggedy edge. Which indeed it did.
18ctGoldFoldRing (4)

Polish, polish, polish! Unusual for me to remember to polish, before getting all bendy…However, I shouldn’t of bent the ends over first, as it was a tricky thing to coax the ring around without marking the ends.
18ctGoldFoldRing (3)

And here we are, the 24ct plated silver on the left, and the 18ct gold on the right

Into the barrel polisher with it, as it still appears a little too itchy ‘n’ scratchy

18ctGoldFoldRing (1)

18ctGoldFoldRing (2)

I guess I’ll update with a picture of it after polishing…


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