“Jungle piece…”

Swallow dived into this today. Ka fucking splat!
I can feel the black dog looming on the horizon though, so it’s been somewhat of a struggle since I’m getting the feeling that, when completed, this work is going to be filled with a restful joy.





Humming birds, and cooling waters of loving acceptance to follow.
Still, that’s the contradiction of art I guess. Which is, but doesn’t feel like, some consolation.


This was today’s meme…. Sums up the creative process for today.
I think, maybe, I can be so self indulgent as to ask myself such questions
“Oh what’s the fucking point? ”
“Who really cares?”
” Does this actually change jack shit?” etc etc because I know as a matter of fact, not opinion, the answers.
And anyway, Art, and all and who that’s contained within it is the only thing I’ve met in my 47 years that has any meaning.
Like the title to this blog says “Truth and Beauty; That is all…”
All else is imprisoned in this sorry world of men, and is irrelevant.
*Big sigh*


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