“Countries 2004…”


Now this may be titled “Countries…” but I am kind of hoping that the viewer will realise it’s actually “Cunt-Trees”
Not a word I like to bandy about, but only because when used, it needs to retain it’s power. And in this case it’s entirely appropriate!
Executed in 2004 (der!) All the heads/fruits hanging from the branches were the current world leaders of the time. (I won’t soil my blog by mentioning the names)
The tree and cliff face are made up of arms and legs, unidentifiable as to whose they were. But since you’re taking the time to read this I’ll give you a clue…you and me and us; the people
Underneath lies a stagnant pool with the half sunk heads of history’s leaders/fruits.
Fingers of grass lay pointing accusationly (?) at the trees current fruits.
Strands of our hair falls over the boughs, representing….well, that’s up to you to work out I’m afraid. Perception requires involvement.
To sum it up for other viewers, just ask them, “If you get apples from an apple tree… What do you get from a Country?…and watch them smile…


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