Wettest Night Camping…

It absolutely chucked it down…permanently. All night. Got a fire going, which took about half an hour, but once it had some body to it moral was much raised.  I was warm enough in my sleeping bag, dry enough under my tarp, but there is definitely something heart warming in having a fire.



Being out on one of my jaunts, isn’t for fun, as I’ve said before, it’s for a slice of REAL life. Well I certainly got a great load of that sat in the rain for two days.
Which helped enormously in keeping perspective on the people created bullshit I returned to.
People!!! Aaargh! Taking the easy road by laying all their crap at another’s feet.
My faith in humanity is low at the moment..but I’m working on it….


2 Responses to “Wettest Night Camping…”

  1. beautiful words though.


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