Bodium Castle

Well, after many attempts I finally got myself to the castle.
Arrived first thing in the morning as I’d heard that the grounds are free, but it’s £8 to get in. I couldn’t say if that is true because I saw nobody collecting tickets.
Crikey it was exciting! There was just so much to draw, I didn’t know where to start. Scared of missing the best view I guess, so I circled around a few times and took a load of photos.
I got quite nervous about messing up so decided to work fast with a chunky 8B pencil, and then slap some watercolours about.
This did the job.
The only thing was that very shortly many families with young kids started arriving for some kind of “olde tyme” fun day.
Nothing wrong with that, but for some reason I found it all a little unsettling. Not having a family myself perhaps? Or, when I did have, it was certainly not the kind of family that went to things like that.
Hey ho!?
So I split just when I’d almost finished, no worries there either as I have photos to refer to.
So tomorrow I continue with the bike trip.
Always lots for an artist to do on the road! Yay!






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