Anonymous in London…

Here’s the link to the video;

So, in full ” Anoymous ” garb much fun was had attending the Palestine march.
I bought two dozen paper roses to give to the people watching us march, the tourists, shoppers, police ( only two coppers accepted, but I was surprised that two did) etc. I just wished them “Peace!” and moved on along…
Hit them with a flower!
Well, you never know, such random acts of loving awareness may just sow a seed.
Being dressed as I was I had a multitude of people asking for photos, which suited me entirely. Anything that gets the Anonymous message across has to be good. One copper asked me what the significance of the mask was! I gave him a brief summary, not being particularly fond of conversations with the boys/girls in blue. But later on I thought, what the phuch? A serving member of the Metropolitan Police Force (not a Service, as they prefer in these “newspeak days) who has no idea what Anonymous is, just shows the standard of their policing.
Next time I shall just tell them, nice and delicately, that I’ve got enough to do without doing their police work for them.
Then a young guy, only 7ish, simply walked up to me and said, ” You’re my friend. ”
And walked off!

I, for myself, although I never feel any solidarity with any kind of group, be it family, party whatever, this has been the second occasion when I’ve been at complete ease in my “Outsiderness”
Now that is an ENORMOUS weight off my shoulders!!








And a rather cutting meme. I just had to make it as I don’t think he was doing the movement any favours, trudging out in whatever he happened to be wearing that day, and slapping a mask on. If it’s worth doing, then surely some effort is required?




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