Some Poetry…

Feeling a bit slack today, so since I’ve recognised what artistic media I do have to work with, and this blog being one of them, I thought I’d dig out some poetry.


             “We’re Artists All”

Hush now, softly fall asleep,

Let’s go to places where we can’t weep,

Snuff out the candle, lock up the keep,

Take a chance; you must


Forget about your diet dear,

Forget about false lover’s tears,

Forget about your paranoid fears,

Forget the fuss.


The price of entry is your might,

Death, rebirth, dark and light,

No point in putting up a fight

The time is here.


No longer can you turn your back

Lonesome wolf without a pack,

On all those things your art form lacks,

Because they’re clear.


To play guitar is microscopic,

To paint a picture panoramic,

But doing neither seems idiotic,

I think you’ll find.


It makes you grieve, you know it’s true,

Create no beauty, this will not do!

What would you feel if your life was through?

Would you care?


But what of the million eyes

That love to soak up your artistic prize?

Who won’t create is telling lies!

By abstaining.


So kick yourself right up the arse!

You’re not the first, nor even last!

Enough of this hedonistic fast,

Please, stop refraining.


         “The Painter’s Lament”


I tried and tried and tried

And tried and tried and tried

Too hard.

The canvas, the memory,

The vision in my mind.

All cut off from my situation,

Too bad,

Too blind.


        “Fool’s Jewels”


He gave her pearls of wisdom


Strung about her neck

Clasped by the sunrise glow

Of a melting heart in gold.

Such emerald eyes,

Blood ruby lips red.

Diamonds are forever

She said.


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