It’s Been a While



Well, here I am still in Brighton, still studioless, and now homeless. Well, I say homeless but only had to suffer a few days in a sleeping bag. Thankfully Facebook does has a good side, in that a friend introduced me to a friend of hers, who has been kind enough to let me surf her sofa, and store my art, materials, tools etc in her shed.
I got them back out of storage today and it really was just like getting old friends back.
So now life is a little more relaxed the art work is starting to flow again, first a trickle of sketches… Warming up for some serious landscapes in oils. I’m going to carry on sketching, so there’ll be something to post up here. I miss my studio so very much, I think I’d rather find one over a place to live in all honesty. But there’s still my blog, and there’s the great outdoors. I have oils, canvas, and most importantly a handful of very good friends.
So my life is rich, I’ve just been on a bit of a (self indulgent?) downer


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